Monday, October 17, 2005

Beta Nambari to Bapu Das Nambari...

Can some one explain how this is possible?! says
..”After resigning from Professorship at IIM Bangalore (Indian Institute of Management), Dr. M. K. Chaudhuri established the Institute in 1973. Dr. Chaudhuri, after having been a Professor at XLRI Jamshedpur, XIM Bhubaneshwar, and having been the founder director of management courses at IMT Ghaziabad, took over as Research Professor and founder Director. The first residential full-time Post-Graduate Diploma Programme commenced on 12th August 1974″

And according to
IMT Ghaziabad was founded IN 1980.
How pray, did Dr. Chaudhuri start IIPM AFTER being founder director of IMT!?

Read up on the Indian Institute Of PlantainManagementHERE

Some more questions have been raised


Blogger Mridula said...

Good question, but we can bet we are never going to get an answer.

10:24 PM  
Blogger K said...

The same way he got degrees from an institute before it was founded. He is a visionary after all. He has visions of things before they happen!

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Mukund said...

After 1947, the Government of independent India focused on the development of indigenous science and technology. As a technology base was being created, it became clear that the country needed to simultaneously augment management talent and resources. A response that lead to the creation of the Indian Institutes of Management in the country. The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore was established in 1973.

Read the last line again. 1973 was when Mr / Dr / Prof Chaudhuri set up IIPM!! These guys do not even know how to lie.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Moon Rays said...

And XIMB as per its website was setup only 17-18 years ago. that works out to 1987.

3:19 AM  
Blogger 42510 said...

Totally agree.. Very fishy indeed!!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you write about IIPM in this uninformed and cynical way? Have you examined the value-add the institute creates for students? Do you understand the value to India as a nation, by providing essential entrepreneurial and business skills to thousands of students from every part of India - the econonmy as a whole benefits dramatically...

I have studied at IIPM Delhi (1999 Batch), and Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri was a great professor, highly respected... Our faculty at IIPM is drawn from the best in IIT Dehi (for Operations Research), FMS, MDI and many others.

We even had courses on alternative Leadership teachniques based on religious texts; and experential learning models that no one in India uses at b-schools today.

I am still invited as an alumni to every event that IIPM hosts - from Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame, to Michael Porter, to recenty Zig Ziglar... I had the opportunity to visit the new Delhi campus, and have to admit, its beautiful! IIPM's infrastructure was never great (as the government doesn't give 100 acres of land to private insittutions, like IIM A has 100 acres for less than 200 students - wonder what eachstudent does with a half acre!)... but IIPM always had the essentials of a great library and classrooms...

But now the laptops, Wifi, AC classrooomns...faculty from every top15 b school... its awesome...

You should visit it...

And I am going to report your blog to IIPM Webmaster, and I hope they drag you into the courts for defamation (although no one reads your ranting)...

Remove this ridiculous lies from this non-credible site immediately, and do more productive things...

And the blgosphere's irresponsbility will be the end of it... the mainstream media may be easily corrupted, but they understand their responsibilities
(refer Chomsky, 'Media Control') I teach at Haas (UCLA) while I'm completing my phD, and recently met Sandeepan Deb (Editor - Outlook Magazine), who is an IITian and recently wrote a book on his alum mater...he was all prasies for IIPM - based on a campus visit and reporting... thatis responsibility.

So if you wantto write about something, know it well...

12:42 PM  
Blogger 42510 said...

Hmm.. lies? All I've said is copy pasted text, from your "reputed" insti's site..
.. Haas.. UCLA?? Haas is in berkley, Anderson is in UCLA.. Get a life-- you seem to be as big a farter as ur teacher.
As for, "..alternative Leadership teachniques based on religious texts; and "experential" learning models.." doesnt the fact that no one in India uses these at b-schools today say it all..
Go get a life. Get your facts straight before you question cynics.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to IIMB sources, Malay joined and was forced to leave IIMB within a month in 1973 as he was appointed an agent for IIMB and was based in Delhi. He never took any classes at IIMB and cannot be called an eminent professor of IIMB by any stretch as he was neither eminent nor professor. His eminence lies primarily creating Arindam and in listing second year students in IIMP Delhi like blogger Andy as professors in other centers.

11:37 AM  
Blogger goyalbb said...

nice site.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dey IIPM is Indian Institute of Poultry Management da ! Thass why "Count ur chickens etc..".

5:24 AM  
Blogger Sirius Black said...

These fake IIPM alumni s r croppin up everywhere.
Gr8 question raised :D , hope the dumbos stop lyin now.

4:39 PM  
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