Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yet another Desi in America

Its been a while since my last post. After coming to Sunnyvale on Nov 14th, I've pretty much been dragging myself to work, and back. Cos I've been weighed down by tons and tons of Documentation. My single biggest value ad here, has been .. cooking :)
To rattle off a few things that I've made with some success - Urlakizhangu, Vendekka, Sepakizhangu, Vendekka, Beet Root, Carrot, Cauliflower, Beans, Avarekka, "Payaru- i guess that's called sprouts" in english, mushroom, chana daal, rajma, moong dal, south indian paruppu kattu kind of daal, Takkali rasam andParupu kozhambu with kodamologa..
2 weeks of daily eating out, left me yearning for tam bram home food. Yes, Sunnyvale does have an overabundance of desi restaurants - komala vilas, udipi palace, spice hut, and so many others, but then, veetu saapadu madri varuma? So, in early December, I started cooking at home. I had my roomie as the guinea pig, and I must say, he isn't too worse for the experience.

Other than Documentation and cooking, I've been able to catch up with some old friends. Ramesh - an old friend from Trichy whom I know from my Talkcity days.. :), Paramesh - from school, Hari - a really close pal from school who I used to go to school and play street cricket with..

The countdown has begun. I'll be back in good old chennai on Feb 4th :) Idly vadai and filter kaapi beckon


Blogger Umesh said...

machan .. crikked street photo-la thoppai theriyuthu ..

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