Saturday, January 07, 2006

Coffee ke liye kuch bhi karega

Since Nov 14th, I had my first "tumbler" of "filter kaapi" today. At about 100 bucks a cup, it was worth every damn paisa..! Or cent. Since coming to Sunnyvale, authentic tamil coffee is the one thing I couldn't find until today - when I went to Saravana Bhavan Sunnyvale.
My previous experiment with filter coffee here was in a hotel called Madras Sri Krishna Bhavan in Sunnyvale was quite disastrous - the ka-pee was atrocious. No colour, no taste, no smell. And it was NOT served in a tumbler. It was simply atrocious -a total let down. I took one sip, and trashed the rest.

This time, though, I went with high hopes- The setting was familiar. The familiar Saravanas logo, the familiar menu, differently dressed waiters who spoke familiar Tamil ( after starting with English, and hearing you speak Tamil), and very unfamiliar prices.

And to think, I started drinking coffee only in my 11th standard, largely due to the protective influence of my coffee-addict mom who didn't want her son to emulate her, but then gave up, to facilitate the greater goal of her son's academic excellence (by keeping him awake ;) )

Next time round, I swear I shall go onsite, armed with a packet of Padma coffee from Srirangam, if possible with a coffee filter as well - else I shall make do with a coffee maker ;)


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