Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DBA- Dullbert The bored business analyst

"Anal"ysts in the IT industry are expected to generate a lot of Farts- For example pricing an engagement with no data whatsoever or generating case studies illustrating experience out of thin air. But they are not the only ones. Some times HR farts, and farts loud. When HR farts, the vibrations traverse deep down the organization.

Inspired by all the Farting, going on in the industry, I'm considering starting a toon series on this blog
* DBA - dullbert - the bored business analyst
* Gasbert- His flatulent boss
* Gassius - the evil Project manager who is full of hot air
* Flatula - Fart Detecting device. Every time some one Farts, it beeps and issues a Fart Alert. In meetings, the device automatically goes into Vibrator mode. This device is the property of Dullbert and is an endless source of amusement to him in otherwise extremely boring meetings.
* Fartbox- the office meeting room
* Aaron Wind - the BA who thinks he is a PM
* Ra Ra - The lady programmer from Andhra.
* Bean Bag - Every manager's source of energy. You sit in a bean bag, and your fart capacity is replenished.Needless to stay,the fartbox has plenty of bean bags.

A wise man just said "Behind every successful man, is a fat ass and lot of hot air"

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