Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another change of seasons

Dullbert's blog has been really dull. A combination of factors including but not limited to
1. Lack of interesting things to say
2. Lack of time
3. Work Pressure
4. Exhaustion- after navigating through painful Bangalore traffic

Life has whizzed by. Past few months have been amazing. Work has been significantly better. Writing requirements for products has been interesting and online personal finance is an interesting domain. Bangalore weather is way better than hot Chennai.

What I've really missed though is the company of some awesome friends that I had in Chennai at work and outside- Pucci, Bell, Ram, The Old Fart, Kumar, Sid, Ruks, Arun,.. the sessions of time pass at the tea shop, besant nagar beach.. It's somehow not the same. My word-play skills have significantly dropped and I'm possibly no longer as much fun to be around with as I once was ;) It never is the same. But no complaints -The biggest plus from moving to Bangalore has been quality time with K :) Well, at least from Aug- December, and then work become really hectic.

And anyways, every one is getting married. The Pucci is married and we've been told by his better half not to call him Pucci. Hell with it. Old habits die hard ;)

And now, in a weeks time, I'm finally taking the plunge.

This marks the end of my bachelorhood. Maybe it's a good time to end this blog too. If it hasn't ended already.


Anonymous Rajini said...

hey, can't quite buy this..end of bachelorhood -> end of blogging. was the purpose of blogging is being bachelor?

12:17 AM  
Anonymous xena said...

What is the connection between marriage and blogging? naan sensu! Better revive your blog! :-)

12:02 AM  

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