Friday, March 24, 2006

Chota bug bada bug

Dullbert: Hey Ra-ra, wot's the scene on the current build? The QA folks were asking me if they'd be able to test the search functionality as planned on Monday.
Ra-ra: Shrugs, I don't think we want them to test this on Monday. In fact from a QA point of view, I don't think we should be making a QA drop.
Dullbert: (Quizzically) Why is that?
Ra-ra: (Sneers)Well, if we dont make a drop, then there is only one bug, there is no search functionality. But if we do make the drop, we're opening a pandora's box. All the bugs are going to come out and screw our happiness. Next week, we have a long weekend. Nice try only.


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